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We are a trustworthy partner of you in India, who knows what your business priorities are and how we can help you in fetching maximum value from services we offer to you. Our endeavour is to help you with:

(1) Initial business prospect research

(2) Bridging the economic and culture distance

(3) setting up of the Indian business entity which is 100% tax compline to Indian laws

(4) Suitable Partner Search – franchise or JV

(5) Help you earn profits from India.

We aim to facilitate partnerships through an extensive network of influential corporate and professionals holding expertise in different sectors and different geographical locations across India. Our partners provide resources, knowledge and infrastructure support for the businesses to make the most of opportunities in India.

7 Reasons to Do Business in India

In 2014, India stands at a point where the compass of its destiny is, once again, in its own hands. The needle of this compass could either point south towards the all-too-familiar path of unfunded welfare economics, intensifying the slowdown currently underway; or it could turn 180-degrees and allow entrepreneurship to take off. I believe the government will choose a mix of the two and there lies opportunity for smart entrepreneurs.

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‘Increase Focus On Household Penetration’

Are bound in gross domestic product and more money in Indian consumers’ pockets indicates acche din ahead for consumer-product companies after the 2013 annus horribilis. To capture growth as the economy picks up, many consumer-product companies will rely on the conventional marketing approach of focusing on select groups of consumers by investing heavily to.

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